October 14, 2008

My Job as the 'Church Lady'

What exactly do I do? I joke and say I am the 'Church Lady'. I am a child of the 70's and Saturday Night Live was big then, maybe bigger than it is now. It's pretty crude these days or maybe I am slightly more refined than I was in the 70's. I still think it can be pretty funny, so remember I said slightly more refined. Ok, I got off track. I do that from time to time. I skip around from one topic to the next without ever missing a beat. So pay attention and keep up. Perhaps I have ADD, but I don't think so. I think that's just the way creative people operate. Also, I think that I am the most least likely person you would ever find in a church. I was a heathen, born and bred until God got a hold of me and cleaned me up from the inside out. I joke and say it even took me two baptisms to get clean. Back to the subject at hand. I work at a church. I work at the same church that I rode the bus to on Sundays mornings as a little girl. As a young mother I brought my children here. Myself and all my girls were baptized at this church. My dad, mother and father-in-law were laid to rest here. I have a lot of history at this church. And for the past 6+ years, I have worked here. My job is to make things look... pretty or edgy or classic. Whatever the case may be. I manage the website, make graphics, logos, posters, etc. So you say why does your blog look so... generic? Because I have an extremely busy job. And remember I am typing with one hand most of the time these days. Still have that injured shoulder remember? My kids think I don't do anything at work. They always say your job is easy. I will have to admit that working at a church is so much harder than I ever thought possible. It is stressful and everything is personal. Why is that? I guess because everything has such a potential for significance. My job as menial as it is, still has the potential to help change lives. If only in a very small way. I am blessed to be able to serve my Savior daily and get paid to do it. I only wish I always deserved it. But that's the great thing about God, He gives us what we don't deserve instead of what we do deserve.

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