October 11, 2008


I don't think I have shared this with you yet, but my husband and I are obscessed. We are... Collectors. I mean, we got it bad.

Here is one more tale from our Arkansas weekend.

On Saturday afternoon Jeff and I were wondering about this little antique mall and I came upon this little chair. I knew that I wanted it right away and the price was right, it was only $35. It needed to be cleaned and the vinyl seat cover needed to be replaced, but other than that it is in perfect condition. And it was one of my favorite styles an Emeco Office Chair. Upon further inspection I realized that it was an authentic Emeco chair. It still bore the metal label and the paper label under the cushion. Yippee! I couldn't recall at the time what the chair was actually worth, but I knew it to be well over $400. So, yep we threw that puppy in the car. Today I am cleaning up my new chair and went to the Emeco website to see what kind of fabric I needed to get to recover the seat, thinking it would be leather. Nope the originals are covered in vinyl and a new chair today will set you back around $800! I know what you are saying... this is a vintage chair and it will not be worth that. Wrong. These chairs are classics and are made of polished aluminum, virtually indestructible. They have not gone out of style since they were first made in the 1950's. They have a life expectancy of 150 years. They are classic and retro at the same time. Beautiful.


Justine said...

so are you going to buy vinyl and recover it?? you got an awesome deal on this chair!

Julie said...

Of course, Jaley wants me to sell it. I told her no, I have been looking for a new desk chair and it would cost more than $35 to replace it.