June 25, 2009

Farewell Dear Friend

Oh the sadness of it all. I will survive without you, although it won't be easy.

Don't scoff or scorn me. It's just too painful. My beloved Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion is no longer with us. I have every issue from the past 11 years stashed away in my closet to treasure and admire. To those of you that have never turned the page on the lovely magazine I pity you. You will never know the beauty of her page layouts, her delicious recipes (unless you read Jordan's blog), the whimsy of her adorable paper dolls which came free in every issue and so on. Oh the misery of it all........................

I first knew something was up when I received a copy of Martha Stewart Living in January. I thought what the.... And then another one came and then another and then finally a letter came telling me the sad truth of it all. Home Companion has not survived the economic downturn, but Martha has! Her magazine is nice and all, but SHE AIN'T NO MARY ENGELBREIT!

June 19, 2009

The final 3 weeks

This is what I accomplished in the past two weeks:
~90+ hours at work - a big project is almost finished!
~Mother-in-law arrived at the airport for all the craziness
~Bridal shower
~Finished decaling 140 mason jars (see them over on Jill's blog)
~Bridesmaid's dress fitting (remember 3 of those are mine)
~Jaley's graduation
~Jaley's graduation dinner
~Met with florists, sort of.... I think that's me
~Jaley's graduation/birthday party
~Bridal portraits at the arboretum
~Took mother-in-law back to the airport
~Painted 125 dowel rods for wedding wands
~Jaley's (real) 18th birthday party
~Finished the last 7 boutonnieres
~Took nephew to get his tux fitting
~Purchased 2 pair of shoes for the sweet little hostesses (my nieces that will be at the guest book table)
~Dentist appointment
~Trip to Sam Moon to purchase wedding jewelry for bridesmaids - today sometime... as soon as I can get the bride moovvvvvving.
Floral class - Sunday, Father's Day

Whew! Truly, I think we are going to make it.
However, we have a few more things to do:
~I have about half of the wedding program fans sticks painted. Not sure of the exact program yet so those can't be printed yet. Jill & Matt are still working all those details out.
~Finish ribbon wands, waiting on ribbon purchased via the internet
~Add trims to cupcake tower
~Purchase candle holders for tables
~Tie ribbons on ivy bowls for Shepherd hooks for outside ceremony
~Finalize bulk flower order

That's all I can think of for now.......I am certain that I have forgotten something. As long as we remember before July 9, we're still ok!

June 9, 2009

Full Circle

Jaley, MHS Class of 2009
Justine, MHS Class of 2006
Jordan, MHS Class of 2003
Jillian, MHS Class of 2001
Julie, MHS Class of 1980
Jeff, MHS Class of 1976