July 31, 2009

Got Lobstah?

Howdy from New England ... Day 4

I am exhausted after today's activities but I wanted to share with you what we have been up to day:
  • Woke up @ the campground, showered and headed for the festival in Rockland
  • Drove through Camden, location of the apartment Katherine Heigl's character lived in in the movie 27 dresses
  • Went to the Festival ate lots of lobster, had our picture made with King Neptune & a giant Lobster
  • Walked around this lovely little town
  • Drove over to the Breakwater Lighthouse and walked the 3 miles in the drizzle to get to it, but it was worth it, we packed tennis shoes and rain panchos
  • Arrived back at our campsite to find that it had been raining HARD all day
  • Went to a hole in the wall restaurant in Searsport, called Captain Shorty's and had the best all you can eat Fish Fry EVER!
  • Came back to the campsite to find it still RAINING
  • Played a little table tennis with Jeff in the rec room
  • Came back to the tent and settled in for the night, it's cool outside, slightly raining, but comfortable and dry in our tent. I am sitting here on an air mattress using a battery operated lantern and typing this from my new Dell mini, which I wasn't too sure about before we left but am crazy about it now.
  • Just realized today that we are only about 200 miles from the Canadian border.
  • Having a great time in Maine, wish you were here.

July 30, 2009

New England ... Day 3

Today we awoke in New Hampshire and packed our belongings and headed for Maine. You had no idea how close all these little states are, they are crammed right up next to each other and when you are driving you just weave in an out of them. Our first stop today was a Starbucks in Portsmouth. Just an adorable little town on the coast where the Declaration of Independence was read.

Next we stopped in York. I have ancestors that were born, raised and buried there. I wanted to find their gravesites, but I had already been told earlier in the week that I wouldn't find their graves. They were buried on one of these small islands and erosion has washed most of the graves away (era 1650 - 1700) and add to the fact that there were no stone masons here during that time for markers to be made. That was disappointing, but it was exciting as well. You see my great grandfather X8 & 9 are from the Isle of Shoals, just off the coast of Maine @ York. I did get to copy a number of books that had some information about them and a few more clues about them. I know one was a butcher and that they were colorful characters. Mmmm, I wonder if I am anything like them?

We stopped for lunch in Cape Elizabeth at Two Points Lighthouse. Delicious lobster rolls. Here is a photo of my lunch. Note the picture with the quarter next to it. I wanted to show you how big this sandwich really is... not very big for $13. It was a little pricey, but look at the view. We ate outside with a beautiful view of the Cape with a lighthouses on either side of us. It's Wicked Awesome! To quote a local phrase.

On to Searsport. This was quite a drive, but it will put us very close to Rockland (which is all booked up for the weekend). When we booked this trip we didn't realize that we would be here during the 62nd Lobster Festival in Rockland, but we were very happily surprised. We arrive at this little campground for our first night of tent camping. We unpacked our suitcase complete with tent, 2 sleeping bags, sheets, lantern, flashlights, tablecloth, rain panchos, 4 pillows and bug spray. Which was the first thing that got used. Set it all up and realized that we were maybe 50 yards from the ocean. Beautiful. Jeff started a fire and cooked us a delicious dinner of ..... hot dogs. That's ok, it's the first meal we have had in 3 days that hasn't included seafood and since we are hitting the festival tomorrow, we decided to take a break. It was a great meal complete with s'mores. This campground has WiFi which is great. It is not a large campground and a little quirky... just like us. We are going to sleep tonight under the tall pines and stars.

(Me at our campsite on my dell mini)

Let's chat again tomorrow... same time, same channel.


Hello from New England

Jeff and I have begun our adventure.
Day 1: Travel from Dallas to St. Louis to Philly to Manchester!
Day 2: Spent the day at Hampton Beach and then dined on fresh lobster.
Day 3: Leaving New Hampshire and heading for the coast of Maine.

We had no idea that New Hampshire had so much to offer the summer traveler. Everything is beautiful and green and lush. I can't even describe it... it's a little like northern California and Colorado all rolled into one but with a beautiful beach thrown in.

Jeff and I stopped off this morning in Portsmouth on our way to Searport. That is our next camping destination. Yes we are camping our way through New England! So far we have stayed in a pretty rough cabin but tonight begins tent camping. It rained last night and more showers are expected. We are ready for it. We are going to Two Points Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth today.

Jeff asked me if I wanted to stop at Starbucks down on the old market square and get on the net, I said sure. He said you wanna stay about an hour? I said I don't know, can we. He said 'Baby you get to make all the rules on this trip'! WhooWeee!

This picture was taken at the Wakeda Campground in Hampton Falls, NH. When we saw it we just cracked up, with both the doors open and the flower box and looking all cute.

Tata for now,
Julie & Jeff

July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Again?

I am once again celebrating the anniversary of my 29 birthday! That's all I have to say about that. Had a great day and felt much loved!

<--Engagement picture, Winter 1979

You will remember a few weeks ago I posted a picture of Jill trying on my wedding dress and many of you asked if I would post a picture of me wearing it. I was so young. Omgoodness! I turned 18 on a Friday and then got married on Saturday of following week!

<-- Check out that hat!

Here is another picture at the wedding. Check out Jeff's glasses and white tux! So 1980! It was an outdoor wedding at FW's Botanical Gardens and it was one of the hottest day on record 111 degrees, the heat wave began on June 23 and ended on August 3 with 42 consecutive days in a row of 100+ temps. That Summer people began wearing shirts that read 'I survived the Texas Heat Wave'. Yep, we got married outside at high noon! Our minister (Jeff's Grandfather) almost passed out from the heat, and our little flower girl fainted! It was hot! But luckily, the reception was down the street at a local hotel and we got to cool off a bit. That was 29 years ago! Boy, how times flies.

July 22, 2009

Hey... don't eat that!

That's a familiar phrase around our house.

Don't anybody cut that before I get a picture of it! What were you thinking... that's for my blog! Hey Matt, put that down! Whatever you do... you better not touch the prettiest piece of fish!

Jill & Jordan have this thing about taking pics of the food they prepare. You watch them lovingly prepare a wonderful dish of food, choose just the right serving plate, garnish, etc. & suddenly it is wisked away to a room with a better view or lighting.

In addition to posting pics on their blogs, they also submit photos to allrecipes.com. Jill has become quite 'published' for her food stylings. I never thought I would live to see the day that these girls are so caught up in their recipes & food art. Makes a momma proud.

July 19, 2009

Happy Birthdays!

Violet & Grandmere (pic taken on Violet's 2nd birthday, July 7. Grandmere's birthday is July 24)

Today Jill & Matt celebrate their birthdays, so... Happy Birthday!

Jill was talking yesterday about what she wanted for her birthday meal and how she would like to celebrate it. I don't remember exactly what the top two choices were, but I do remember Matt's response.... it was my birthday first! Ha! He had her there. Matt is 6 years to the day older than Jill. Matt had to go in to work today and will not be home until later. Violet & Jill will spend at least part of the day celebrating another person's birthday. Brandon DeJohn is turning 1! Happy Birthday sweet lil' Brandon. His birthday isn't for a few more days, but today is his party.

We are just about 'Birthday Poor' in the Summer! We have already celebrated 4 counting those today since June 16, we will celebrate 3 more this coming week! Then 3 weeks later Jordan's birthday and 3 weeks later Jeff's. It keeps us celebrating the entire Summer and we wouldn't have it any other way. Everyone except Jussy was born in the Summer.

<------ Jill & Matt heading out for some
sushi to celebrate their birthday!

ps - Jeff & I have decided to travel to Maine's coast instead of NY and we leave in 9 days! If you have any tips for us, please send them my way.

tata for now!

July 14, 2009


Jaley has a favorite saying that goes something like this...
'The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.'

That might be true... and I don't particularly like to give that stuff away, but the secret to saving money is having friends that will share at least some of their secrets! I hope if you are planning an event and you need a few things that this list will help.

So, here's a list of wedding vendors/suppliers that I used:

Rose Chapel - gorgeous event space with fabulous staff
Joel & Laura Photography (which includes the Little Black Booth photobooth) We love 'em!
DJ Connection - greatest DJ ever
Cast Your Bread Catering - delicious, reasonably priced & fabulous...is all I can say!
*The Connection - Beautiful flowers & they will tell you everything you know so you can DIY.
Michael's Crafts Stores - be sure and clip those 40 & 50% off coupons.
Hobby Lobby - I bought lots of things like, vases, candle cups, stuff for the 'bouts, sticks for ribbon wands and program fans & lots of ribbon here all at 50% off. Watch for the sales, if it's not on sale this week it will be in a week or two!
JoAnn Fabrics - bridesmaid dress pattern, fabric, table runner fabric, veil material 50% off coupons!
*Mr. Bucks - personalized ribbon at a great price! Quick delivery, I didn't even order this until June 18!
*Anna's Bridal Bargains - great prices on custom paper napkins.
*Paper Mart - incredible prices on the little white chinese take out boxes.
*Beall's - adorable attendant dresses. The key is once you find the dress, buy it online for best size selection.
*Dillards - flower girl dresses, and I didn't have to search all over town for the correct sizes.
*Payless Shoes - all 5 pair online and I didn't drive all over town to find the sizess.
*Cards & Pockets - DIY wedding invitations, great prices
*EFavor Mart - ribbon for ribbon wands & ceremony decor. I spent about 1/3 of what the price on sale @ Hobby Lobby would have been. Incredible.
* Etsy - jewelry
*Save-On-Crafts - cupcake tree!
*Oh Nuts - delicious candy
*M & Ms - I watched for online specials and bought 3 bags & got 1 free & saved on shipping
*Oriental Trading - Candy & paper parasols
Red Oven Bakery & Patty's Pantry - both in Arlington, TX mmm...Red Velvet Cupcakes & cheesecake
*Totes - ballet slippers, adorable
Marshalls/Home Goods - candy buffet jars
*Pottery Barn - really nice 3 gallon glass drink dispensers
Walmart - misc.
*David's Bridal - my dress online without trying it on! 1/2 price!
Alfred Angelo - wedding dress, quick 2 week delivery.
*Decal Paper - water slide decal paper for mason jar monograms
*Candle Soylutions - daisy die cut jar lids
*Ebay - lavender straws & my dancing shoes
*Metro Candy - Rock Candy Swizzle Stix
*Violet Crumbles - Matt's favorite candy and it is no longer sold in the US, airmail from Australia
Kohls - usher's shirts & ties, attendants shoes
Build A Bear - Teddy Bear Toss
*Newport News - brides shoes

*Denotes online purchases I made! I joke and say this is a wedding the internet built!

I tried not to purchase candy online because of it's shipping weight, but I did purchase candy online when I couldn't find what I wanted in local stores. Also, I never paid full price for anything! When I shopped online I did web searches for coupon codes etc, local stores I watched for coupons & sales. Researching pays off!!!

July 11, 2009

July 1, 2009


Funny pic.
The other night Jeff & I were in the pool and Jill came scampering out wearing my wedding dress. She mocked me and said she felt like a cupcake or something like that. It was a beautiful dress. Also, even though I was the 5th child, I was the first one to get married. It was very momentous. My parents were divorced when I got married and there wasn't much money for frivolous things such as a wedding dress. Jeff & I paid for most of our wedding, but my big brother, Robert gave me the money to buy this beautiful dress. Two of my friends even borrowed this dress to wear at their own weddings, they are both divorced now. Is it bad luck to wear someone else's wedding dress on your wedding day?

Since Jill & Matt's wedding day is a mere 9 days away... it has me thinking about the mine and Jeff's wedding and all the similarities. Jill is getting married a week before her birthday (actually their birthday). I got married 1 week & 1 day after my 18th birthday. They are getting married just a few days after their oldest daughter's birthday (Lord willing there will be many more!) Jill was born 6 days before my 21st birthday & 2 weeks before mine & Jeff's 3rd anniversary. Jill & Matt are getting married outside in FW. Jeff & I got married outside at the FW Botanical Gardens. We are praying for unseasonably cool weather for Jill & Matt. Jeff and I got married in the middle of the Summer of 1980 Heat Wave, it was unseasonably HOT, even for Texas! There are other things that are totally different and some that are the same. One thing I pray that will be the same is this, that they have a healthy, happy and abundant life. That God would bless them with more healthy, happy babies, that they would always be each other's best friend. That they would appreciate every day they have together, and most of all just like Jeff & I... that they would live happily ever after!