October 5, 2008

Arkansas Female Phenomenon

It is incredible the number of women I have encountered here in Arkansas that are missing their front teeth. Is it some kind of weird phenomenon or is it hereditary? Is it a strange coming of age ritual? I don't know. I am assuming it is the lack of affordable dental care. So I wonder... is it just that they don't have the funds to take proper care of their teeth? As I contemplate this I am reminded that I saw all of these women ranging in age from teens to 50's or so, in a festival that required a $15 per day admission. And most of them held a beer in one hand and cigarette in the other, which in Jeff's words would put their 'sin tax' at about $10. So they are not completely without disposable income. I am mystified by this. Jeff says that where he works, which is a prominent and very large factory, where the benefits and pay are good. That there are people walking around all over the place with severe dental problems. Let me make this clear this employer provides 100% preventative dental care and free cleanings and exams every 6 months. There is no need to go without. It is starting to look like a 3rd world country or something. Are people really that frightened of the dentist that they would rather walk around with no front teeth than to go see the dentist? Do we need to start a national ad campaign regarding our front teeth? I am telling you if you could see the women I have seen in the past 2 days it would break your heart. It is extremely sad. Jeff says these gals prefer not to have their front teeth, instead they like their 'cigarette holder'. I know he is only joking. In fact here is a joke he told me. - What do you get when you get 32 Arkansas women in one room? A full set of teeth.

Oh my goodness. What is going on here in Hicksville? I am not making fun of or criticizing these poor souls, but come on people. This is completely treatable, right? Missing your front teeth isn't good for your body, your mind or you soul.

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Jill said...

All these blogs really make me want to visit Arkansas!! Can I get married there? haha. Gosh, even my 1 year old has her front teefs!