October 27, 2009

100% American, or pretty darn close

This is my dad, Frank Lawrence Thomas, wasn't he handsome? He looks a lot like my little brother, Jim.

I am a genealogy buff, like my dad. But, I am not very good at it. My cousin is much better than I am. I wish I had more time to spend on it but I haven't lately, but he has been busy. Just a little trivia I would like to share with you in memory of my dad.

Here you go Daddy, you were right.... as close to 100% American as you can get.

My lineage on my father's side. American born since 1611!

John Thomas, 1611, born Queens Creek, York County, VA
John Thomas, (year uncertain)
William Thomas, 1660
John Thomas, 1710
Owen Thomas, 1740
Jonathon Thomas, 1762
William Thomas, 1790
William Thomas, 1810
Asbury Thomas, 1833
Joseph Thomas, 1862
Frank Thomas, 1886
Frank Thomas, 1925 (my dad)
Julie, 1962 (me)

My grandparents,
sitting, Frank Thomas, Sr.
standing, Dealvia Thomas
circa 1925

ps - Violet is the 15th generation American born!

October 23, 2009

Everything you need to know... is on YouTube

Got up this morning with a dead battery. I knew it was coming, it has been slow to start for a week or so. Of course, this morning I was parked behind Jordan in the drive and Jill was parked on the other side and she was .... of course running late for her school commute to Denton. So we did some finageling and got her car out without too much damage to the grass. Any how, my Knight in Shining Armour came home from work to change out the battery, but try as he might he couldn't figure out how to get the battery out of my PT Cruiser. It was trapped! So, I told him I would go look it up on the internet. Viole'! Everything you want to know... or not know is on YouTube.

October 20, 2009

Sleeping......it use to be my favorite hobby.

But now it never comes to visit any more.

At first, I thought it was just because I was uncomfortable sleeping because of my arm... you remember. Then my arm started feeling better, or maybe I just got use to it hurting. But, I still couldn't sleep. Then Jill got engaged and we were in full wedding swing, but the wedding came and went and .......... still no sleep. Jeff and I went on a wonderful vacation to Maine.......still no sleep. Seriously, I mean no sleep, maybe 2 hours all broken up at best and some nights, NONE. I have tried everything, Tylenol PM keeps me awake, Sleep MD makes me want to throw up. So, I finally went to the Dr. He prescribed Ambien. I read all those side effects, and said so what, I am TIRED! I took that silly pill for 3 weeks straight before it did me any good and now I am out. I called and begged the pharmacy, nothin'. Then I called and begged the Doc and after 3 days, EUREKA! It's not the greatest sleep I've ever had, not even close.... but I am able to function again. It still takes me about 2 hours to fall asleep after I take it and that is only with ear plugs in. Boy, getting older stinks. Don't like it! As my sweet Violet would say. Don't like it!

Tired in Texas

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