October 4, 2008

Music Fest, Day 2

Tonight we are going to hear Shooter Jennings (Waylon's boy) & John Anderson, along with some new ones we hope to become fans of. Last night we heard a couple of really good bands like Reckless Kelly out of Austin and Will Davis' Shady Caballeros (weird name, great group). Let me first say that all the good guys are coming out of Austin! WhooHoo!

This festival is a little unusual. We are use to Main St. Art Fest in FW. It is big, I guess it is true that everything is bigger in Texas. Let me first say that El Dorado is a small Arkansas town, and you can see that the downward economy has taken it's tole here. But they are putting on these festivals in this quaint little area of old downtown and it is incredible. They aren't drawing the crowds like they would in Texas, but the sponsors are doing a good job of footing the bill. Main St., El Dorado is quaint and adorable and the perfect venue for a festival. I am just amazed that they are putting these on and so successfully, because the crowds are so small. It is truly amazing. The festival vendors leave a little to be desired. There are only about 5 food vendors and maybe that many retail vendors. Not much to buy in that area unless you want a do-rag. You can purchase roasted corn on the cob for 3 ears for $5! Crazy. The weather has been a beautiful 75.

More about my arm. I have what my dr is calling severe tendinitis. I am to begin therapy next week as well as have an x-ray. He has asked that I tie it up in a sling whenever possible. Not much fun. And it hurts like the dickens. I am on a pretty strong anti-inflammatory so it doesn't allow for an pain killers. Yikes. So, this is a good weekend to be gone. No reason to lift anything except my Diet Dr. Pepper and I can do that quite well with my left hand. What I really want to be holding is my Violet girl, but she's in FW and I'm in Hicksville with a sore arm. Just as well I suppose. ok, this typing with one hand is taking forever. Gotta run now, Pale plays at 6:30 and they are suppose to be pretty good.

El Dorado MusicFest, XXI

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