November 12, 2009

Gigi, don't go!

That's what my girl said to me as I hugged and kissed her goodbye last night as we left her at her new house. It just tore my heart right out of my chest. She just kept sobbing, Gigi, don't go! Jill texted me on the ride home and said she had finally calmed down, her Mommy had given her milk & tunes. That's my girl.

Violet's Gigi~

btw, I am still swaying from my cruise! pics coming soon.

November 10, 2009

We raced Ida home... and we won!

Just a quick note that we did survive the cruise. It was extremely rough seas but, we had a great time. I have lots to talk about, but today is for working and tonight is for visiting my Violet girl in her new home!

tata for now,

November 4, 2009

A new adventure across the sea....

Ok, I am about to call it a night. My friend, Tara has already been delivered to my house by her husband and son and we are soooooooo excited for our adventure to begin. Tomorrow at 6am sharp my sister will pick us up and we will have just one more stop to make... to pick up Sendy. Then it's off to the Port of Galveston! There we will hook up with 40 other friends to sail to the Caribbean. I am taking the dell mini, but I don't know if I will be able to post anything while on board the ship. But, I will definitely post when I get back.

I will be missing my fella, as I don't like to travel without him, but somebody's gotta stay here and spoil that Violet girl for me while I am gone.

November 2, 2009

I'm Packing Again....

<-------My Fairy Violet!

It has been a crazy few months for Jeff and I. It sort of feels like we have been living in suitcases. I am about to reach my 10th night on since March, and we didn't even use it when we went to Comanche or New England. So that's about 19 hotels stays since March. That has to be some kind of record for us.

This trip I will be venturing out on my own without my fella. He says it will be good for me, but I still wish he were going. So I am once again packing a bag. I am excited to spend 5 days/4 nights with 44 of my nearest & dearest. I just hope there isn't any girl drama! ;)

I return on Monday evening and on Saturday, Jeff & I and a couple of dear friends are going to the Children's Christmas Toy Fundraiser called the 'Margarita Ball' and after all that dancing we're planning on dinner downtown and so we are staying over in Sundance Square for the night. That should be fun too, love to get all dressed up and spin around the dance floor with Jeff. It's kinda like a prom for grown-ups! But better still..... it helps kids gets toys for Christmas!

Then the next Thursday - Saturday I am off on a Mission Trip to Laredo, TX. It's actually a vision trip to learn about the needs and how we can partner with other organizations already serving in the area. I am excited about it.

Then it will be time for Thanksgiving and my Violet girl should just about have a room of her own by then. Her parents are house hunting and my girl apparently has to go with them! That's ok, they need their family time. Besides soon it will be time for the Big Family Trip, leaving a few days after Christmas for a whole week in a lodge at the Coast. Reading books and playing on the beach and fishing all night! Great fun. I am blessed beyond measure.