September 20, 2008

House WORK!

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and I want to play outside, work in the yard. Something, anything but...NO I must do housework. I have been avoiding it for sometime now. I had 6 light bulbs that were burned out in the kitchen, living room and hallway. When I replaced those this morning , oh my goodness I saw the dust. It is everywhere. You see, my street has been under construction since April. That's 6 months of a dirt road, complete with a backhoe that literally sat in my front yard for almost a month. They are almost finished with the construction, all that remains is to put our grass back in. But all that dirt from the street has traveled into my house. So today is the day. I went to Target and bought a new mop and I am going to clean this floor. I have forgotten what color it really is. I better get a move on because My Violet Girl is coming over and when she gets here the cleaning will cease. No time for that when the girl is in the house! And today we have a surprise for her. Aunt Jaley & Jawjie bought her a pair of Cinderella Twinkle Slippers from the Disney Store. They are adorable. They even have light up heels. Can't wait to see our little Princess wearing them. But for now, I am Cinderella and I gotta get to work!

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