September 6, 2008

Rangers vs Red Sox

Last night Jeff and I went to the Ranger game. We had great seats! This was the 3rd time this summer that we had been given almost the same seats by 3 different people. 3rd row, behind 3rd base. Lovely. The first time, there was a guy that stripped and jumped the fence right in front of us and paraded across the field until he slipped and fell down in center field.

Last night the stadium was full of Boston fans. It was kinda weird when the chanting would begin... Let's go .. Rangers, because it would soon become, Let's go .. Red Sox. They just took over. Rangers lost, but weren't quite skunked. However, it was probably the most fun we have had at a game in quite some time. Even trumped the streaker. One reason was because these two girls (13 years old) were at the game and set between me and the couple to my left. We were in a very small section only 6 seats wide. So you kinda got to know everyone right away. Anyhow, these two girls seemed out of place, hadn't ever been to a game before. They didn't understand how to tell score, etc. So, we were helping them along, reminding them that many fouls fly through our section and to stay prepared, etc. Soon they grew bored and left. One funny thing about the girls is when they asked why everyone would cheer when the Rangers made a mistake. I told her that the stadium was full of Boston fans and that they were cheering the Red Sox not the Rangers. She said, "Oh, isn't Boston a really far drive to come to a game?" Everyone on the row started laughing. They were too cute.

Over the course of the next few innings friends of the people sitting behind us came and went, 'borrowing' the girls seats from time to time. During the 8th inning 2 women showed up and settled down in the seats behind the seats the girls had previously occupied. We we all curious about why they would arrive at the game so late. They were fun and well... inebriated and chatted up with everyone. They said they had been to the bar upstairs and had no idea that they had almost missed the entire game. They began flirting and cutting up with everyone in our section, they were fun and we wished they had been there the whole time. Perhaps they wouldn't have been as much fun sober, but maybe. Anyhow one of the women asked about all the Red Sox cheering and we told her the same story we had told the girls. She said "Wow, isn't Boston to Arlington a really far to drive to watch a game.?" We all laughed and then suddenly it dawned on me and I said, "Hey are you related to the two girls that were sitting here earlier?" About that time the two girls showed up. Yep, they were the moms of the little teenie boppers.

She said they were from Ranger, Texas and had made the drive just to watch the game (or uh... drink at the bar upstairs). I hope they all made it home safely. Thinking about it today, I wonder if any of them thought that Monday was August 32?

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