September 8, 2008

Play some Stevie Ray, Man!

Jeff and I love Blues music. We don't often get the opportunity to go and listen to any live, but Saturday night we did just that. We hit a couple of joints, and finally found our nitch at this little place in Northside. We heard James Hinkle, a Fort Worth native. He was really good. We had fun with some crazy folks sitting next to us. The woman was quite intoxicated and kept yelling all night, "play some Stevie Ray, Man". (I think that there has been a theme all weekend of me sitting by drunk women... what's up with that?)

Yesterday we made some tentative plans to try and go to the El Dorado MusicFest in Arkansas later this month. Our absolute favorite (living) guitarist will be playing there, Kenny Wayne Shepard! Kenny's voice is not what you hear on his CDs, he is a guitar prodigy! FYI: He's married to Mel Gibson's only daughter.

Try a little Blues, it's good for your soul.

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