September 15, 2008

Violet Spends the Night

Our grandgirl finally got to spend the night without her Mommy. She was such a good girl. GiGi (that's me) bought her a ball pit with 175 balls! She loved it. We played and ate Cheetos and then played and ate Cheetos again. Grandpa took her out to play in the rain for a bit, she loved that too. Her Grandma K bought her some rain boots and she wore them. Adorable. On Sunday we took her to eat at Captain D's for lunch. We would eat at Cap'n D's almost every Sunday after church when the girls were growing up. It was a fun walk down memory lane with our new little girl. Can't wait until next time.
PS-Aunt Jaley says that NO house should have 175+ balls in it! It was her job to pick them all up. Jaley is a good aunt. :)

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Jill said...

I'm soooo glad my pumpkin was good for yall! I think she had fun too. She will definately be doing that again!