September 2, 2008

What is today's date?

First of all my kids keep fussing at me about not using their real names. I told them I am protecting them, they say they don't need it. They give their permission for me to use their names. So here goes. Yesterday the whole gang met up at our house for a Labor Day BBQ. Jeff cooked up some awesome ribs. Matt said that when Jill got up this morning she asked him this question. "Is today September 1st or August 32nd?" Jill said that she thought that August had more days in it than any other month, so she wasn't sure of the date. Matt answered her by saying, "No, it's July 64th."

I swear to you, she really asked this. Sometimes I wonder whose child she really is.... Matt and his friends call this a "Jillism", that's really funny because he didn't know that we call it that too!

JP - Jeff
JL - Jillian
JR - Jordan
JM - Justine
JB - Jaley
JT - Julie
VK - Violet

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