August 3, 2008

Roughin' it at Lake Texoma

JR and I went to Oklahoma for a 'camp out'. Ok, I confess. We stayed in a cabin, complete with cable tv and air conditioning. But we were 'roughin' it'. There was only one bathroom for 5 women! It was a get to know you weekend for an online group that JR belongs to, and me being the over-protective mother that I am. Well, I couldn't let her go to another state and stay alone with complete strangers that she met on the internet! We had a good time. It was an interesting mix of women. There was JR, the 20-something, incredibly smart, beautiful, adorable college student. Me, well... you already know about me. Shannon the 30-something divorcee, lab worker & nudist. Linda, the 30-something, tiny closet dancin', blue grass playin', mother of 2. And Laura, the quintessential Wisconsin girl, single, tattooed & transplanted to Austin, TX, aptly named Miss RockABilly. An interesting & diverse group. We spent one day and one night at Lake Texoma making small talk & trying to get to know one another. We had a good time, after all we had to eat and we all have that in common. Did I say this was a weight loss support group? Well it was. Guess what mine and JR's contributions to the meals were? Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie. Peppers stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon and Brie with apples and crackers. Bad, bad, bad girls... aren't we? I think everyone had a pretty good time. JR and I actually left before the rest of the group. JR had to work the next day and there was another group of ladies coming in the day we left. They were planning a huge BBQ for later that day, but we missed it. Shucks. I had to get home too. After all it was mine and JP's 28th wedding anniversary! I made it home for a late supper. JP is a good sport, he cooked up a terrific meal on the grill. Rosemary Chicken, Asparagus wrapped in Proscuitto, and Summer Squash. Delicious. JP is a really good cook. There is a joke at my house. I cooked for the first 20 years, he gets to cook for the second 20. However, I have already seen a flaw in this plan. The first 20 years I spent cooking for 6 people, 4 of them extremely picky on a really tiny budget. He cooks for 2 maybe 3 people and has probably triple the budget. Sometimes life just isn't fair! ;)

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