August 11, 2008

Home Again...

JR moved back home yesterday. Hold the champage, we can't celebrate, she has not graduated college yet. I think she is just burnt out and needs some time to rest. I am glad she feels like coming home can do that for her. JR is still going to North Texas, she will just be commuting 2 days per week. You see... she has a new love in her life. Olive. Olive, the veloci-raptor!

This dog reminds me so much of those creatures in Jurassic Park. Any how, Olive cannot live in an apartment, so JR has decided to move back home and commute rather than do with out her puppy. I hope we survive it. Not the JR moving home part, the Olive living in the backyard part. Hopefully, with a little obedience training she will calm down. Right now, she is just a tornado with legs. Aside from that... Welcome Home JR. I've missed you!

PS- JR just came in from taking Olive for a walk. The first thing Olive did was wiggle out of her collar and leash. JR had to chase and catch her to put it back on because Olive thought it was a new game. Then she (Olive) tangled herself around a passing jogger. See what I mean? Attack of the Velociraptor!

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