August 6, 2008

Feeling Blue

VK looks how I feel. Blue.

Today I am just feeling blue. Why? Lots of reasons. I know that God is in control of all things. I know that He knows that I am blue, I know that He cares, so why am I still blue?

I am disappointed in someone and that really stinks. Someone that should be behaving better, but isn't. I was reminded by a couple of friends that we all make mistakes. That people will disappoint us, but God never will. That is encouraging, that is life changing, but, I am still blue. When I am like this it takes more than just a little pep talk to bring me around. I have had a problem with severe depression in my past and some days are just harder than others to shake stuff off. This is one of those days. Right now I feel pretty weary and exhausted from it. I just really want to tell this person off, but alas... I cannot. So, this will be a lesson in self-control for me. Just let it go, say a prayer for that person. And let it go. That is easier said than done, afterall I am a person that makes mistakes and disappoints, too. I am glad that Jesus doesn't, aren't you?

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