July 31, 2008

Those Red Head Girls

When the girls were little, people couldn't tell them apart. I guess they still can't tell them apart. I don't know why that is. They were never called by the right name and that really bothers them. They take it personally and consider it extremely rude. I don't know why. I guess because they have shared everything their entire lives and they don't want to share their name. I gave birth to them and still call them by the wrong name. People think it is only because we are all J (s). That's not it. My mother did the same thing and we had all different kinds of names. People in the neighborhood and at church just called them 'Those Red Head Girls'. Everyone knew who they were. Maybe not their exact name, but trust me they knew. It is hard to miss us when we are all together. We are a crowd, a party, a MOB. It's just fun being together. When we go out to dinner it's like we take over the place. We don't mean to. Did I also say we are well.... kind of loud. Can't help it. We are just having too much fun. We went to San Francisco a while back and went to China Town. What a trip! The girls got so many crazy looks. It was like they thought the Amazon Women were coming to take over. And when they were younger we went to Mexico and of course they go alot of attention there. Apparently it's good luck or something to touch red hair. It was a little freaky at first. But now the girls are use to it. When they were babies, people actually asked me if I dyed their hair. Who dies a newborns hair? There has been a rumor saying that red heads will be extinct soon, but apparently that is not true. In our family there are 8 true redheads and several more that have a red cast to their hair. It has been skipping generations though. I think if we have anything to do with it... red hair is here to stay.

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