September 26, 2009

Road Trips & Kenny Wayne, 2009

Jeff and I have once again embarked on what is now known as our 'Annual Pilgrimage' to see the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band. We began our trip on Thursday afternoon driving to the half way point between Mansfield and Vicksburg, MS... Bossier City, LA. We had plans for dinner, I know how shocking that is for most of you! We wanted to go to the Cypress Inn, nestled on a beautiful lake in Bossier City. Well, apparently the original burned down about four years ago and it is now nestled in a strip mall. The catfish was ok, just.... ok. And of course, the ambience is gone. It was nice enough though. When we got to the hotel to check in they wanted a $100 cash deposit 'just in case we decide to fill the in-room hot tub with jello shots'. Seriously that is what the clerk said to me. Did a little gambling at the casino, lost about $30 in a penny slot machine. I am NOT a gambler. Ok, we are not going to talk anymore about that.

Friday we got up and drove the final 3 hours to Vicksburg. Stopped at a Love's along the way and the first thing Jeff did was lock our only set of keys in the car. But something magical happened... a sweet LA Highway Patrol officer came along within about 5 minutes and got them out for FREE! Then we were on our way again. We stopped for lunch somewhere around Monroe and had BBQ. Yep, BBQ. Mmmm good. We stopped at a new place called Bodacious BBQ. Not a very unique name, but the Q was good. As we were about to get into our car the 'pit master' walked over to us and asked us how it was? We told him we thoroughly enjoyed it, he said this was their 5th week open. It's nice to see small food places thriving. Three cheers for the little guy!

We arrived safely in Vicksburg, and I must say the only thing this town has going for it is a couple of casinos and a giant cemetary. We tried our best, but we couldn't find anything to do. Found one or two antique shops, but nothing we even thought twice about buying. Saw a show at the Bottleneck Blues Bar on Friday. A group called Ugli Stick, just back from a USO Tour, they were good. If they ever come to Texas I would go and see them again.

Saturday was Jeff's birthday and it was all about the KWS show that night. We were super excited because the venue (Bottleneck Blues Bar) was so small and we had VIP seating. Sure enough we were up close and personal. Kenny & Noah and the guys put on an awesome show. After the show we went up to the steak house in the casino for a celebratory birthday dinner, Kenny was there too! Ok, ok, he wasn't exactly sitting at our table or anything, but he was there. Next morning when Jeff went down to get coffee at the hotel Kenny was there too. It was a great weekend.

Ok, as for next year.... Kenny please play somewhere close to Texas. Please ! Even though right now I can see on your calendar you will be in New Orleans and that looks like the closest, at least we can fly there for a decent price. So until then Kenny, take care!

Last Year's Pilgrimage.

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