October 20, 2009

Sleeping......it use to be my favorite hobby.

But now it never comes to visit any more.

At first, I thought it was just because I was uncomfortable sleeping because of my arm... you remember. Then my arm started feeling better, or maybe I just got use to it hurting. But, I still couldn't sleep. Then Jill got engaged and we were in full wedding swing, but the wedding came and went and .......... still no sleep. Jeff and I went on a wonderful vacation to Maine.......still no sleep. Seriously, I mean no sleep, maybe 2 hours all broken up at best and some nights, NONE. I have tried everything, Tylenol PM keeps me awake, Sleep MD makes me want to throw up. So, I finally went to the Dr. He prescribed Ambien. I read all those side effects, and said so what, I am TIRED! I took that silly pill for 3 weeks straight before it did me any good and now I am out. I called and begged the pharmacy, nothin'. Then I called and begged the Doc and after 3 days, EUREKA! It's not the greatest sleep I've ever had, not even close.... but I am able to function again. It still takes me about 2 hours to fall asleep after I take it and that is only with ear plugs in. Boy, getting older stinks. Don't like it! As my sweet Violet would say. Don't like it!

Tired in Texas

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