September 6, 2009

Jeff made me steal a woman's purse....

Friday, my much anticipated passport arrived in the mail! Coincidentally, Jeff and I were headed off on a trip to San Antonio. No you don't need a passport to travel to SA. As we were driving down I35 we passed through Hillsboro. When in Hillsboro I am always reminded of another time Jeff and I were there.......and Jeff made me steal a woman's purse.

It was August, 2000, Jeff and I were headed for a long weekend to Fredericksburg for our 20th anniversary. It was our first trip away from the girls. Did you hear that correctly, first trip together away! My inlaws came to stay with the girls, ages 8-16 or so. Any how, we started our trip early in the morning and decided to stop at Shoney's in Hillsboro for breakfast. We had been sitting there for some time when Jeff noticed the couple sitting across from us had left the restaurant and the woman had left her purse sitting on the table. He said, 'Julie, that woman left her purse. Go get it off the table run it out to the parking lot.' So, being the obedient, dutiful wife (LOL) that I am, I did just that. I went across the restaurant, snatched up the woman's purse and took off running out into the parking lot. Mmmm, there is something wrong with this picture. There I stood in the Shoney's parking lot looking for some woman..... my only description of her was that, well.... she didn't have a purse. To say the least after about 5 minutes, I didn't find her. I went back into the restaurant fully prepared to hand the purse over to the cashier when much to my surprise there sat Jeff, red faced..... you see the couple had not left the restaurant as Jeff had thought.... they had merely gone to the buffet line! I had no choice, but to walk over to their table and give her purse back. They sat there dumbfounded, they didn't even realize it was missing. I had stolen it right before their eyes. Jeff and I were so embarrassed. The couple were really good sports about it and bought the whole story, after all it was so pathetic they had to.

I vow to never again feel peer pressure from my husband and steal a purse.


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Too funny! Sounds like something I would have done too!!