February 23, 2009

Insomnia Fairy

Main Entry: in·som·nia
Pronunciation: \in-ˈsäm-nē-ə\
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, from insomnis sleepless, from in- + somnus sleep — more at somnolent
Date: circa 1623
: prolonged and usually abnormal inability to obtain adequate sleep
— in·som·ni·ac \-nē-ˌak\ adjective or noun

Insomniac. That's me. I can't sleep. It all started with my arm. I just can't get to sleep, and then when I do any tiny thing will wake me up and then I can't go back to sleep. My routine is off. It all started about 26 years ago. I was a stomach sleeper. Then I got pregnant with Jill and the rest is history. So I slept on my stomach for the first 20 years of my life. Then I gradually had to change to side sleeping. My right to be exact. 26 years sleeping on my right side. Then I hurt my right arm and had to immediately change. I am no good at change, ask anyone! I tried my left side, it's just not the same. I tried my back, I hate it! I tried going back to my stomach, that is gone forever. So now I just toss and turn. I have a lovely mattress, a beautiful room (compliments of Jeff's handiwork). So why can't I sleep? It seems as though when I lay down all noises are amplified. The most annoying sounds right now are... my little dog that sleeps under my bed. He snores. And when he isn't snoring he is scratching and jingling his collar, or walking around on the wood floor and his nails are going click, click, click. Or I can hear Jeff, sometimes snoring. Not always though more annoying that than is just breathing. I can hear everyone breathing. I am starting to go crazy. I am tired. Sometimes I will just lay there, for hours not sleeping and then I will finally nod off around 1am or so. Then out of the blue Jeff's alarm will go off. At 4am! You must understand. He has no intention of getting up when it goes off. And it is all the way across the room, so he will have to get up and turn it off, but he doesn't, he sleeps though it. But, I am awake at the first buzz! Then he will set his phone alarm and leave it in the bathroom. Intentionally! I am going crazy, I am tired. Then he will just continue to sleep through both alarms. Sure he will get up and turn them off but it is too late for me. I will lay there and get madder and madder because he woke me up for no reason and then is able to sleep through it. I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it. I will never go back to sleep. This little scenario takes place about 6 days a week. Yes 6. Poor Jeff usually works 7 days a week, and he is tired too. Alas 2 alarms in 2 different rooms. I think we both need a vacation. Maybe we could find a cozy little sleep lab somewhere close.


Cara Elise said...

Have you tried sleeping with a floor fan on? I use it to drown out noises and the humming of it makes me fall asleep. I too am a stomach sleeper. Ever since I was a baby. I don't know what I am going to do when I get pregnant!

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness I feel your pain!!!! And I am so sorry you are going through that and hope you can get some well needed rest soon! Everything you described sounded like my thoughts while I was having trouble sleeping during pregnancy. I too am a stomach sleeper...I almost bought a blow up bed specifically made for pregnant women who sleep on their stomach. It had a special hole just for the preggo belly :) Every noise was amplified and I could only sleep for 30 min to an 1hr some nights!! Have you tried your couch. It also may be hormonal, once I started taking progesterone I started sleeping better. Have you taken anything to help. I am sleeping well again and love stomach sleeping still :) I also got used to having a floor fan on and still use it because without it it is too quiet.

Praying for your sleep!

There is also a herbal remedy that I never tried because I was pregnant but it might work!