July 1, 2009


Funny pic.
The other night Jeff & I were in the pool and Jill came scampering out wearing my wedding dress. She mocked me and said she felt like a cupcake or something like that. It was a beautiful dress. Also, even though I was the 5th child, I was the first one to get married. It was very momentous. My parents were divorced when I got married and there wasn't much money for frivolous things such as a wedding dress. Jeff & I paid for most of our wedding, but my big brother, Robert gave me the money to buy this beautiful dress. Two of my friends even borrowed this dress to wear at their own weddings, they are both divorced now. Is it bad luck to wear someone else's wedding dress on your wedding day?

Since Jill & Matt's wedding day is a mere 9 days away... it has me thinking about the mine and Jeff's wedding and all the similarities. Jill is getting married a week before her birthday (actually their birthday). I got married 1 week & 1 day after my 18th birthday. They are getting married just a few days after their oldest daughter's birthday (Lord willing there will be many more!) Jill was born 6 days before my 21st birthday & 2 weeks before mine & Jeff's 3rd anniversary. Jill & Matt are getting married outside in FW. Jeff & I got married outside at the FW Botanical Gardens. We are praying for unseasonably cool weather for Jill & Matt. Jeff and I got married in the middle of the Summer of 1980 Heat Wave, it was unseasonably HOT, even for Texas! There are other things that are totally different and some that are the same. One thing I pray that will be the same is this, that they have a healthy, happy and abundant life. That God would bless them with more healthy, happy babies, that they would always be each other's best friend. That they would appreciate every day they have together, and most of all just like Jeff & I... that they would live happily ever after!

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