July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Again?

I am once again celebrating the anniversary of my 29 birthday! That's all I have to say about that. Had a great day and felt much loved!

<--Engagement picture, Winter 1979

You will remember a few weeks ago I posted a picture of Jill trying on my wedding dress and many of you asked if I would post a picture of me wearing it. I was so young. Omgoodness! I turned 18 on a Friday and then got married on Saturday of following week!

<-- Check out that hat!

Here is another picture at the wedding. Check out Jeff's glasses and white tux! So 1980! It was an outdoor wedding at FW's Botanical Gardens and it was one of the hottest day on record 111 degrees, the heat wave began on June 23 and ended on August 3 with 42 consecutive days in a row of 100+ temps. That Summer people began wearing shirts that read 'I survived the Texas Heat Wave'. Yep, we got married outside at high noon! Our minister (Jeff's Grandfather) almost passed out from the heat, and our little flower girl fainted! It was hot! But luckily, the reception was down the street at a local hotel and we got to cool off a bit. That was 29 years ago! Boy, how times flies.

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