July 22, 2009

Hey... don't eat that!

That's a familiar phrase around our house.

Don't anybody cut that before I get a picture of it! What were you thinking... that's for my blog! Hey Matt, put that down! Whatever you do... you better not touch the prettiest piece of fish!

Jill & Jordan have this thing about taking pics of the food they prepare. You watch them lovingly prepare a wonderful dish of food, choose just the right serving plate, garnish, etc. & suddenly it is wisked away to a room with a better view or lighting.

In addition to posting pics on their blogs, they also submit photos to allrecipes.com. Jill has become quite 'published' for her food stylings. I never thought I would live to see the day that these girls are so caught up in their recipes & food art. Makes a momma proud.

1 comment:

Jill said...

haha! it's been like that for a while now....I've really gotten better at my food pics. I need to find some of my old pics that were submitted to AR and post them.