July 30, 2009

Hello from New England

Jeff and I have begun our adventure.
Day 1: Travel from Dallas to St. Louis to Philly to Manchester!
Day 2: Spent the day at Hampton Beach and then dined on fresh lobster.
Day 3: Leaving New Hampshire and heading for the coast of Maine.

We had no idea that New Hampshire had so much to offer the summer traveler. Everything is beautiful and green and lush. I can't even describe it... it's a little like northern California and Colorado all rolled into one but with a beautiful beach thrown in.

Jeff and I stopped off this morning in Portsmouth on our way to Searport. That is our next camping destination. Yes we are camping our way through New England! So far we have stayed in a pretty rough cabin but tonight begins tent camping. It rained last night and more showers are expected. We are ready for it. We are going to Two Points Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth today.

Jeff asked me if I wanted to stop at Starbucks down on the old market square and get on the net, I said sure. He said you wanna stay about an hour? I said I don't know, can we. He said 'Baby you get to make all the rules on this trip'! WhooWeee!

This picture was taken at the Wakeda Campground in Hampton Falls, NH. When we saw it we just cracked up, with both the doors open and the flower box and looking all cute.

Tata for now,
Julie & Jeff


Cara Elise said...

I've always wanted to go to New England! I look forward to reading about your journey and where you suggest to go!!

Jill said...

That's the cutest "dump" of a potty I've ever seen!