January 22, 2009

Top 10 Reasons why Violet is Terrific!

10. She's magically delicious. Just look at that Cheeto coated face.
9. She's loves to whisper. Shhh............
8. She's generous. Always taking a Cheeto from her wet little hand and shoving it into your mouth when you least expect it.
7. She's very polite. She always says 'Thank You'.
6. She thinks her mommy is the Little Mermaid.
5. She likes cheese! All kinds, even Bleu.
4. She's extra sweet. She loves to give 'movie star' kisses. Muah!
3. She's gorgeous. Just look at those eyes.
2. She made her own name for Jeff, "BumBum". Isn't that adorable? He dances with her and hums the 'My Girl' song. Get it?
1. She can say 'Gigi' perfectly.

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