January 29, 2009

2 Funerals and a trip to the Orthapedic Surgeon

That's what I been up to this week.

A couple of my dear childhood friends lost their dad. He was a man of few words, a good man. Not that a quiet man is the only kind of good man. I just realized how that sounded. He was quiet, but when he spoke you listened. He was a big part of my growing up years. I am a better person having known him.

While I was at Calvin's funeral, my friend Mary's mother died. She lived a long and full life, a beautiful God-fearing woman. I went to her service on Friday. It was a precious tribute to a woman that will be greatly missed. I hope that someday I will have left a portion of the kind of legacy that she has left to her children, grandchildren, etc.

Ok, as you all know this arm thing has been going on since September. Actually since last January, but really giving me trouble since September. I have probably had more than 40 dr. appts over the past 5 months. I'm tard of this! It has gotten better in a lot of ways. My regular doc sent me to an Orthapedic doc last week. He said I would have to have surgery. He also said that he wanted to give me another cortisone shot. Mmm. I already had one, it didn't work. He said this time he would inject it deep in the joint this time. Oh, that doesn't sound good. So, he hooks me up to a sonogram machine, finds the inflamed tendon, locates the joint and shoves in a needle about 6-8 inches long. All the while we are watching it on the sonogram machine. Interesting, huh? It felt better immediately, but I remember this from the previous shot, the initial relief is from the lidocaine that is put in with the cortisone. It wears off in about a day. So skip forward one week, this week. I go back to the ortho doc and my movements are much better now, much less popping, etc. He says that the shot worked and that although I will still have to have surgery at some point, I won't have to have it now. He did say that an injury like mine can take up to 18 months or better to heal. I have been released to do whatever I want, except bench press weights. Or anything that would resemble that. That's ok, because I gave up my bid for Miss Muscle America a while back! I still have pain, but it is getting better. At least I know now that I am truly on the mend. Hooray!

Swing dancing, here I come!

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