January 20, 2009


I am easily bored. I don't do well when I'm idle. I know you are probably questioning that statement since my previous 3 or so posts are regarding the movie theater! It's this silly arm of mine. I can't do nothing! I was informed last week that they will be sending me to an orthopedic surgeon, yippee. That should be fun. Back to the topic at hand. I have warned you before about my 'rabbit chasin'. Just did it again. When I am at home all I can think about is all the stuff I need to be doing like cleaning baseboards and scrubbing tubs, so when I can't stand the tv any longer I drag someone to the movies. I'll be happy when it's warmer out so I can just be outside. But then I just need to pull weeds and stuff and I can't do that neither.

I am at my best when I'm planning (er...plotting) something. Vacations are my favorite thing to plan, and parties are fun too. So now I am planning a big party, Jill & Matt's wedding. A vacation for two with Jeff to Boston/New York when the big day is finally over. And a short trip for the 3 'little' girls possibly over spring break. Justine really wants to go to Vegas, but my vote is Puerto Rico. Hopefully we'll find some good deals or we'll end up at Porto Loyd Park! So, at night when I can't stand no more tv and there's nothing at the movie theater to go and watch you'll find me with the my laptop searching for wedding ideas, and far away vacation destinations for me and my nearest and dearest.

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