January 14, 2010

Sometimes I do stupid, implusive things.

Ok, ok, my family would probably say that a lot of times I do stupid, impulsive things.

Recent idiotic behavior:  Impulsive shopping.  I don't do this one often, but when I do... it's a doosie.  We have this pub style table and four chairs in our kitchen.

And often, 4 chairs are plenty, but sometimes we need another chair.  And just any old chair won't work because this table is tall.  Of course we could go to the dining room and seat 8, but here lately... the dining room is temporarily serving as a 'holding tank' for Justine's apartment furniture.  Any how, so I had been thinking about purchasing a couple of bar stools to use at the pub table.  So I picked a couple out that I thought would be really cute and they stack, even better.  They are not wood, but they are metal and I like the style, they look like this.

Kind of industrial and retro at the same time.  Since the pub table has a metal ring around the bottom and my antique baker's cabinet that looks very much like this but with a metal tabletop (actually mine is prettier than the one in the pic.) And the backspash in our kitchen is a vintage style metal tile like this one.  I though metal might be a fun addition for the spare chairs.

Ok, so I made the purchase on Overstock.com and the stools arrived.  But, because of my excitement to order the stools I made a error.  I purchased the barstool height instead of counter height.  Darn!  So much for $2.95 shipping, now I have to pay $15 to send them back.  Justine scolded me pretty good.  I hate it when I do stuff like that when there are witnesses around.  Dagnabit!

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Pub Table & Chairs:  Ashley's Furniture
Metal Stools:  Overstock.com
Baker's Cabinet:   Antique Shop in Glen Rose,TX
Tin Look Metal Tiles:  Lowe's

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