January 9, 2010

Jeff's Addiction

I think I have mentioned it before, Jeff's errrr 'problem'. He's got an addiction... it's collecting stuff. It began a long time ago, I really don't even remember the first time. But, it started slow, almost unnoticeable. But, now... he has made me into an enabler. He lured me in with this.

These were definitely not the first signs he purchased, these were the signs he began to purchase for 'me'. Once he made them a gift for me, he knew he could continue on with his behavior.

A fairly large(19 X 27) vintage metal, blue-green Red Rose Tea Sign. Then he bought another one, this orange Red Rose Coffee sign.

Then came the little samples, these are small collectible versions of the coffee/tea ads, they are marked with the year on one side and the ad style on the other.

As you can see these are not tiny signs, and after many years of hanging them in the garage and being reminded by our children how much money was lying about in the garage I gave in and let them come into the house. Gone were my beautiful bird and topiary wall art and floral drapes and furniture. Now vintage signs are everywhere. I will post some more pics later along with more of Jeff's collection (50+). I have finally convinced him that until we get a larger place he is going to have to be satisfied with collecting license plates, and for now... he has agreed.

I often try to find blogs about vintage metal & porcelain signs, but haven't had much luck. If you know of one, leave a comment with the blog so I can check it out. We have really enjoyed the signs, although sometimes I feel like I live at Chili's or TGIF. It sort of suits us though, bold, bright colors and very graphic and nostalgic. So for now... we're keeping them up.

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