June 22, 2010

Little Garden

We have been so busy at home these days.  One of our many Summer projects was to build a garden.  Just one problem, Olive.  Olive likes to dig, she digs about 10 holes per day, but has slowed some because of the heat.  So, our solution... vintage gates.  We have over the past 7-8 years been collecting these vintage gates and not doing anything with them.  We knew we would think of something sooner or later, but truthfully I was beginning to have real doubt about them.  We were trying to find a spot for a little garden, I had an idea.  What if we only made the garden large enough to be surrounded by the gates?  A plan was born.

Jeff spent a good deal of time building boxes, having to terrace them on the side yard and making a path down the middle to service the rows.  And then he put the gates up, with .... zip ties.  That's right, the entire thing is attached with zip ties.  Southern ingenuity at it's finest.
We pretty much planted everything from seed, with the exception of the tomato plants, shown hanging in the baskets and in the vintage washing tub.

These pictures were taken about a month ago.  We have already harvested quite a bit of summer squash, tomatoes and enough cucumbers to make pickles. Our little garden has more than doubled in size.

Of course, we couldn't have done it with the help of our Violet girl!

She told her mommy, "I'm working!"  Gardening is hard work.  That's for sure, even when it's as small as a postage stamp.  We are amazed at all the bugs that have found our little garden already. 

Violet is taking very good care of her watermelon & cantaloupe plants.  Can't wait until they are ready..... Yum!

Happy Summer!

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Update:  A few pics from today... see how our little garden has grown!

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