April 4, 2010

Violet's Fairy Garden

Ok, so I posted a while back that I wanted to make a fairy garden with Violet.  Jeff got the entire 3 day weekend off and we decided to make the fairy garden on Easter Sunday while Violet was here.  We did most of our shopping on Friday and I picked up a few more things on Saturday.  And later in the day Jill and Violet made a surprise visit. So, even though Jeff was tilling up a section in the backyard for our new garden, he took time off to come and help with Violet's Fairy Garden.

First, we rounded up a container.  I had this very, very old galvanized wash tub that we had just taking up space in on the back porch.  Then we thought it needed to be up a bit higher, so we used the stand to a broken chiminea.  And voila',  perfect!

Next, we started planting.  We used Scottish moss and a low growing,creeping Thyme for the lawn.  A Rosemary tree, some spiney grass, and a fern for the bushes.  A few other small plants to finish it out.

Then we used pebbles and river rocks for the path around the pond.  Which was Violet's favorite part.

Then it was time for a popsicle break!  Gardening is hard work.

Then we needed to add a garden shed and water well.  Just the right size for fairies.

Violet loved tossing pebbles into the pond.  She said can we go swimming now?  Then she said the funniest thing... I fink I need a water fairy.  So, you know what happened then.  Gigi took off to Wal-mart to find some fairies.  I found a set of 5 including Tink (Violet's favorite) that are just the perfect size.  First thing, she took them all swimming in the pond!

We played and played until the evening bugs drove us inside.  So how much did this little project cost?
Plants:  $36 - Green's Produce
Container:  Free
Pebbles & Stones:  $3 - on sale @ Michael's
House, wheelbarrow & well:  $16 - Hobby Lobby
Fairies:  $10 - Wal-mart
I am sure I could have saved that $16 and made the house and such, but... I knew I didn't have time for that, so the convenience for me to go ahead and purchase the items was worth it.

First home improvement project:  A fence.  Made from twigs and a glue gun.We are now working on a toadstool and a very tiny garden gnome.

Violet's Fairy Garden!

We had soooo much fun creating this little garden for and with our precious grandgirl, who by the way is going to be a big sister! Some of my friends have started calling me Super G.  I love it.  That is my goal, to be the best Grandmother I could possibly be. I am very blessed.

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