May 27, 2009

Proms and Showers & Weddings... OH MY!

Ok, so I have been in wedding mode for a good 4 weeks now. I think at least 3 days a week we get a delivery via UPS from all of our many, many purchases on the internet. But, right now I am suppose to be making a prom dress for my youngest. The prom was suppose to have taken place the first weekend in May, but was cancelled because of the threat of Swine Flu in our area. So the prom has been rescheduled for this weekend... and I have been procrastinating. ALOT! It took me 3 days to cut out the pattern out! That is my least favorite part. It has been several years since I have taken on a sewing project of this size. What was I thinking? And to make matters worse I have all this wedding stuff to do, and I am moving offices at work. I am a little stressed. It is Wednesday and the prom is Saturday. I am over half way finished, but I just can't seem to get this dress done and the lure to play with my little Violet girl seems to be overtaking me most of the time.

So, what's next? Prom, bridal shower brunch, graduation, Jaley's 18th birthday!, bridal portraits, July 4th, Violet's 2nd birthday, THE WEDDING.... Jill & Matt's birthday, my birthday, our wedding anniversary (a trip for two to NY City), Jordan's birthday... and that only gets us through August!

Ok, I think I can do this.... besides, I always work better under pressure!

PS - I am so happy Jill made me hire a seamstress to sew the bridesmaid dresses... money well spent!

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Cara Elise said...

Holy Smokes! You have a lot on your plate! I wish you luck, and lots of relaxation on your trip to NYC!