May 30, 2009

Prom Dress Update!

My baby girl went to the prom tonight! I can hardly believe it. And in only 4 more days we will be through with public school forever! Amen Sister, can I get a witness?!

This dress was a doozie, but it was worth it because Jaley looked absoutely gorgeous. At the last minute Jaley decided that she wanted the black scarf so we already had the black lace and I hemmed it up and it was perfect with the dress. She looked a little like a Spanish Princess! For anyone out there that sews, the bottom skirt on this dress took 9, NINE yards of hem tape ... the dress took more than 3 spools of thread ... and the net ruffle took 15 yards of netting! I began to think I would never finish this dress, but alas with about 6 hours to spare I did it! Thank you Jesus for Your gracious mercy.

Now on to those 144 mason jars that need to be decaled. I'll show you those in a day or two.

Tata for now.

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Shannon said...

I will help with the Mason Jars!!! :)