February 9, 2009

Surveys and Stitches...

I got a survey from one of the girls a while back. You know, answer these questions and then send it to 10 people, so you got to see every one's answers at the same time. The question that I thought was so funny was. Have you ever had stitches before? If yes, where? This is what it said. Yes, in my head. Yes, in my head. Yes, in my head. Yes, in my head. All four in the head! There's not competition here, right?

Let's see who was first... Jill.
Jill was 7 when she did a triple flip off the monkey bars in elementary school. 9 stitches in her lower lip and she lost a tooth. She was so mad when the doctor stitched her up with the really fine black thread (you know the kind that isn't suppose to leave a scar). She sat up in the bed and said that doesn't match me, I'm peach not black! She was furious!

Second... Jaley.
Jaley was about 2 and all the girls were playing in the backyard. For some reason Jordan who was about 7 at the time had a pick/hoe in her hand and she was marching around like she was a soldier or something. Anyhow Jaley got too close and well, slit her head open. Right between the eyes. Jaley was wearing her favorite Barney shirt, it was covered in blood. Jordan was horrified and grounded herself to her room. Jaley got 2 stitches. Jaley was devastated that we had to throw the Barney shirt away.

Third... Justine.
I don't remember exactly how old Justine was maybe 2nd grade. That seems to be the year that everyone got hurt. My friend Ruthie came over and Justine was very happy to see her. Justine jumped into Ruthie's suburban and then proceeded to jump over the seats. She hit the dome light and knocked the cover off. I am sorry to say I cannot remember how many stitches that took. Jeff could probably remember. I do remember that the doctor wanted to use staples to close her head up. I won't let him, I told him kids might call her Frankenstein if she had staples in her head, he looked at me like I was crazy and then sewed her up. I also remember that Jeff wanted me to just braid her hair really tight to close up the wound and not get any stitches at all. I told you with Jeff it's always about the money. :-)

I thought we were out of the woods. I didn't think anyone else was going to get hurt. Jordan was about 15 and playing in a softball tournament. The sun was really bright and all of the outfielders were having trouble with the fly balls. Jordan's coach talked her into putting on a pair of sunglasses and that's when it happened. Wearing the glasses, Jordan couldn't judge the ball and it hit her right in the head out in left field. It knocked her straight to the ground. I remember Jeff and I were keeping score and we were watching pretty closely, we could see that she was moving, and I know she has a hard head. We had seen all of our girls get hurt to some degree playing sports and we didn't want to run out too soon, because we would hear about it later if they were embarrassed. Anyhow that's about the time we heard the word, PARAMEDIC! screamed across the field. We jumped up running to left field. The coach stopped me and said, "it's pretty bad." trying to keep me from getting any closer, that's when I said, "then you better get out of my way." Jeff ran and got the car and we loaded her up there on the field and took her to the ER. It was a pretty bad hit. You could see the imprints of the softball stitches on her forehead. Ouch. She got quite a few stitches and had one heck of a shiner. She was admired by every one (especially boys) in her school that next Monday. She was cool!

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