December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Tradition

(Mr & Mrs Peepaw)
Christmas 2000

We have this tradition of giving PJs on Christmas Eve. Every year the girls get to open one gift and one gift only. It is the gift marked with a heart, and inside is always a new pair of pajamas. We joke alot about this because when Jill was about 8 years old, she said this gonna be stupid pajamas again? We also usually try to go to the movies on Christmas Eve, then come home open our PJs and then sit around the fire and read the Christmas Story and sing caroles. The last few years have been a little different because Violet isn't really up for the movies just yet. But, next year should be a different story. This year we had a little Christmas party and invited Matt's family. So, we had a pretty good crowd at our house feasting on tamales, cheese dip, spinach artichoke dip, brie, shrimp cocktail, homemade chili, lil smokies, etc., along with an assortment of sweets made by Jill and my sweet friends, Trisha & Martha! We had a great time.

Then the time came for us to open our PJs, we usually don't do it with anyone but family there and usually everyone that is there gets PJs, whether it's Grandma & Grandpa or the girl's boyfriends or whomever. But this year Matt's family was there and so we just went along with our tradition. Everyone opened there PJs and Miss Violet was already wearing her new slippers and we realized there was an extra gift for Jill. So I gave it to her and told her that here was a gift for her and Violet to open. She said ok, she didn't even think that was strange. (remember 1 gift and 1 gift only on Christmas Eve her entire life!) Then as she began to open the gift she found a candle and said this is pretty, who is it from? Matt then bent down on one knee in front of the entire room (Jill, Violet, Matt's Mom, Matt's Dad, Matt's only sibling, Brett, Me, Jeff, Jordan, Justine, Jaley, Jaley's boyfriend, Jeb, and Jaley's best friend, Zach) and asked Jill to marry him!

Because you see tied to this pretty little candle was a beautiful engagement ring. She thought it was just an embellished candle! Sometimes I wonder if she is really my kid?! Crazy girl. She was completely caught off guard. Which is exactly the effect Matt was going for. It was great! You see, everyone knew except Jill.

I gotta run! I have to start planning the 'wedding of the century' on a budget!

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