November 4, 2009

A new adventure across the sea....

Ok, I am about to call it a night. My friend, Tara has already been delivered to my house by her husband and son and we are soooooooo excited for our adventure to begin. Tomorrow at 6am sharp my sister will pick us up and we will have just one more stop to make... to pick up Sendy. Then it's off to the Port of Galveston! There we will hook up with 40 other friends to sail to the Caribbean. I am taking the dell mini, but I don't know if I will be able to post anything while on board the ship. But, I will definitely post when I get back.

I will be missing my fella, as I don't like to travel without him, but somebody's gotta stay here and spoil that Violet girl for me while I am gone.

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Jill said...

You girls have fun, ya hear?! Also, V ate watermelon for dinner for the third night in a row thanks to Bum Bum.