June 19, 2009

The final 3 weeks

This is what I accomplished in the past two weeks:
~90+ hours at work - a big project is almost finished!
~Mother-in-law arrived at the airport for all the craziness
~Bridal shower
~Finished decaling 140 mason jars (see them over on Jill's blog)
~Bridesmaid's dress fitting (remember 3 of those are mine)
~Jaley's graduation
~Jaley's graduation dinner
~Met with florists, sort of.... I think that's me
~Jaley's graduation/birthday party
~Bridal portraits at the arboretum
~Took mother-in-law back to the airport
~Painted 125 dowel rods for wedding wands
~Jaley's (real) 18th birthday party
~Finished the last 7 boutonnieres
~Took nephew to get his tux fitting
~Purchased 2 pair of shoes for the sweet little hostesses (my nieces that will be at the guest book table)
~Dentist appointment
~Trip to Sam Moon to purchase wedding jewelry for bridesmaids - today sometime... as soon as I can get the bride moovvvvvving.
Floral class - Sunday, Father's Day

Whew! Truly, I think we are going to make it.
However, we have a few more things to do:
~I have about half of the wedding program fans sticks painted. Not sure of the exact program yet so those can't be printed yet. Jill & Matt are still working all those details out.
~Finish ribbon wands, waiting on ribbon purchased via the internet
~Add trims to cupcake tower
~Purchase candle holders for tables
~Tie ribbons on ivy bowls for Shepherd hooks for outside ceremony
~Finalize bulk flower order

That's all I can think of for now.......I am certain that I have forgotten something. As long as we remember before July 9, we're still ok!

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Jill said...

Just reading this makes me nervous. AH!