April 13, 2009

Keeping Austin Weird

This weekend the girls and I are roadtripping to Austin, we're doing our part in trying to 'keep Austin weird'. Jeff has a contractor coming in to do some work and he said he wants us out of the way. So we're heading South to Austin. Our favorite home away from home. I would love to go to the Continental Club on Congress and hear some great music, but Miss V is going and I will opt to stay in with her. Perhaps we'll take a swim in the indoor pool, that is a fine substitute for me, especially since my fella won't be there to dance with. One thing I know for sure is we will have some good food. We'll hit Shady Grove for Hippie Sandwiches & Tortilla & Queso Fried Catfish, or maybe Gueros Taco Bar, or maybe BBQ at Ironworks or my fav Salt Lick. I hope the weather is nice on Sunday so before we head out of town we can go to Maria's Taco Xpress for Gospel Brunch and Hippie Church. Taco Xpress has the best Tacos al Pastor and live music and it's a great place to sit back, relax and people watch. Only catch... it's all outside! I hope the next time you're in Austin, you'll try one of these spots, but this is the short list as Austin if full of unexpected and wonderful surprises. Hope to see ya there sometime soon afterall it won't be totally weird if you're not there!

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