June 20, 2008

Same Model, Different Year

Let me introduce you to My Girls.

JL, age 24
JR, age 22
JM, age 20
JB, age 17
and sweet lil' VK, age 1
(JL is her mommy)

When JL was born she had the most adorable red peach fuzz all over her head. Marking herself a redhead from the very first moment of life. She was beautiful. I know that everyone thinks their child is beautiful, but seriously people, few newborns are beautiful, but JL truly was. JL arrived 3 weeks early and a total of 11 minutes after I arrived at the hospital. And so I soon realized that was how life was going to be... impatient from the beginning, and with a redhead temperament too. So begins my tale of 25 years and counting of demanding redheads.

JR was born a short 2 years later. Arriving in a similar manner as her older sister. JR too was beautiful and covered in red peach fuzz. Did I mention that neither my husband or myself have red hair? Any how, JR looked so very much like JL. But not exactly. You know, the same nose, the same eyes, the same hair, the same chin. But it was just kinda put together a little differently. That's when the phrase was born. "Same Model, Different Year".

JM was born 2 1/2 years later, then followed by JB 3 years after that. And you know the story. Same beautiful baby. Same red peach fuzz. Same nose. Same eyes. Same chin. Quick delivery. Impatient. Same disposition!

Now more than 20 years have come and gone since the very beginning and a whole new gene pool has come into the mix and lil' VK was born. But guess what? "Same Model, Different Year". A little different in a few places, not completely sure if the hair will be NATURALLY red (apparently there are other colors than red, who knew?), but pretty much the same baby. But this time, we got dark beautiful eyebrows!

It's good to be Queen of the Women,

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